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So nice to have Spring arrive after a long Winter. Lovely.

Kristin McNamara Freeman

Yes Carol...spring is truly lovely, light rains this morning bringing so many birds to the big lilac outside the window in front of me...so it is like I am there with them....cracked the window to listen to the songs and calls...lovely, ever so lovely is spring.

grace Forrest

i love all this. the Holy Chaos of the studio pic
all of it.
life is so FULL, so very very Good


Kristin, you have beautiful images here, the place you live looks so very tranquil. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me over at my blog. I appreciate that you took the time....have a wonderful weekend, Karen


beautiful pictures - I esp. like the dark branches and buds against the sky. I, too, am in a purge phase. It feels good, doesn't it?


Karen and Dee...glad to have you discovering my blog - inactive now for 10 months and soon I will begin to share the changes in the studio over this time and some of the work that has been done in textiles as the visual and truly physical space of the studio has embraced me and to be there and stitching is now quite grand. Winter has been long here and still there are large patches of snow melting in the yard but yesterday I had robins finding worms in the spaces now waking up and the seed eaters were happily enjoying what has been put out in the feeder for them. So, in about two weeks I will begin once again to configure my thoughts on the blog and share images of this amazing journey.

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